GURUFIN provides a solid infrastructure and platform that merges real economy services with the Web 3.0 world.


GURUFIN Project GURUFIN Platform

Next Global Financial Infrastructure

GURUFIN Foundation is spearheading the GURUFIN Project, which focuses on advancing the GURUFIN Chain and. The Layer-1 Mainnet has been developed for over the past 4 years, incorporating a real economy payment service system that has been operational for the past 8 years, for an easier and more convenient Web 3.0 experience for its users.

Traditional Payment System and Web 3.0 Blockchain Integration

Combining the real economy payment processing system with Web 3.0 technology has produced GURUFIN’s convenient and seamless fintech payment system that can be used in both the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 environments. Any partner companies (dApps) participating in the GURUFIN Network can use the networks’ platforms, DIGIGOOZ and DIMPLE, free-of-charge. DIGIGOOZ provides an NFT Marketplace that is B2C and C2C platform. Creators can mint and sell NFTs and be paid in fiat currency or stable coin per sale. Members can buy and trade NFTs via credit card, carrier billing, or stable coins. DIMPLE.CLOUD is an interactive metaverse platform that partners with high-quality metaverse dApps in the Web 3.0 environment.

GURUFIN Ecosystem Expansion Join Us (dApps)

GURUFIN provides an innovative and scalable blockchain that powers metaverses, NFTs, DeFi, dApps, and Web 3.0 within the Ecosystem, offering transaction and settlement services in high transaction volumes. Expansion happens through recruiting, incentivizing, and onboarding exceptional dApp partners. Foundations within the GURUFIN Ecosystem have a guaranteed cash settlement as real economy payments are settled from stable coin to fiat currency.

Next Generation Layer-1 Mainnet

The GURUFIN Chain is a Cosmos-based Layer-1 Mainnet with 100% Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) integration. The GURUFIN development team has engineered its own GURUFIN SDK to provide the high transaction processing speed of 10,000 TPS and stable network. The Chain solves the technical network instability problem from node failures that plague other mainnets. Its network provides smooth operation with infinite, horizontal scalability and TBFT + DPoS core consensus engine. View real-time scanning through the GURU SCAN for anyone to check and confirm transactions and block creation.


GURUFIN’s Blockchain Explorer

GURU SCAN provides transparency in regards GURU Coin transactions issued by GURUFIN Chain. Search for transfers, delegations, rewards and validator (node) information with Block Numbers, Transaction IDs, and GURUFIN Wallet addresses.


High-end Security via Multi-Signature Encryption for Virtual Assets Management

Download the GURUFIN Wallet with its enhanced multi-signature feature, a mnemonic key method that is the first of its kind. Users who lose or damage their mobile devices can securely sign in with their member account information to manage their virtual assets through other devices. GURUFIN’s unique multi-sig security method and other key features are patent-pending worldwide. Transfer, delegate, convert, and more.