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The GURUFIN Foundation is spearheading the GURUFIN Project which focuses on building a new Layer-1 global financial infrastructure. We have developed the GURUFIN Layer-1 Mainnet for the past 4 years and completed a testnet in 2021. We have incorporated the Cyrex payment service provider (PSP) which has been operational in the real economy for the past 8 years. We also plan to link the Cyrexa digital bank to the GURUFIN infrastructure for easier and more convenient financial payment services for users.
To ensure a healthy GURU Ecosystem, the Foundation will only participate in projects that have been thoroughly reviewed, verified, and approved by experts and community in the respective fields. GURUFIN will provide a solid infrastructure and platform that merges real economy financial payment services with the Web3 world.


The GURUFIN Project started out as an idea to provide solutions to the unstable blockchain-based payment system.
There are three major problems with coin and token payments in blockchain-based projects:
  1. 1.
    Volatility of coin or token value
  2. 2.
    Slow payment processing speed
  3. 3.
    Difficulty using cryptocurrency in the real economy
This whitepaper addresses the GURUFIN Foundation’s solutions to the issues stated above. We present our vision of blockchain ecosystem expansion through our Layer-1 mainnet and Web 3.0-based wallet services. In addition, we discuss the development of our blockchain network and optimization of the payment system that allows users to cash in cryptocurrency at any time.
This whitepaper is intended for internal use and legal review only. The usage, duplication, modification, or distribution of this whitepaper for any other purposes is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action(s).


  • GURUFIN Ecosystem – Affiliate and partner companies that utilize the GURUFIN Mainnet to create a large-scale ecosystem
  • GURUFIN Blockchain – New Layer-1 Mainnet blockchain ready for implementation in existing and Web 3.0 industries (e.g., payment processing, digital banking, metaverse, digital goods, and NFTs)
  • Cyrexa (digital bank) – Digital bank based in Europe that will have partner banks in major countries
  • Cyrex Inc. (PSP) – Payment Service Provider (PSP) for credit card and MU transactions
  • Ecosystem Fund – A fund to invest in or acquire partnerships that adopt or integrate with the GURUFIN Blockchain for ecosystem enrichment, stability, and expansion
  • MU (Stable Coin) - Coin pegged at 1 USMU : 1 USD that can be used for transactions in the GURUFIN Ecosystem
  • GURU (Governance Coin) – Coin that can be used at cryptocurrency exchanges and converted to MU
  • GURUFIN Wallet – Wallet with high-end security via multi-signature (multi-sig) encryption that manages virtual assets (e.g., GURU, MU, NFTs) and has transfer, delegation, and conversion functions
  • GURU Scan – Platform for users to check transactions and details issued by the GURUFIN Chain
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